Cosplay has become extremely popular over the years. It started off in 1984 in Japan and no one thought that it would amount to more than a fun costume line. More than three decades later, cosplay is a trend, a fashion and even a profession for some people. Millions of people are part of the cosplay community, whether they are people that do cosplay or people that make the costumes.
But how did cosplay become such a huge deal? Well, if you ask a cosplayer this, they’ll most likely say something along the lines of “Because it’s great!” What makes it so great? How can people make a living off of it? How can you benefit from it? Worry not. Today, we answer all these questions for you.

#1. A sense of community

We can’t stress enough how welcoming and friendly the cosplay community is. People who get into cosplaying as loners usually come out of their first convention with newfound friends. This is because everyone shares the same interests as you – movies, TV shows, games and comics. It is very easy to relate to other cosplayers and befriend them.

Cosplay community
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Cosplay events are the best place to nerd out on the nitty gritty of things that other people don’t take interest in. You are bound to find people who are just like you and hence, you can start a long-lasting fellowship.

#2. An opportunity to express yourself

Cosplaying is like letting go of yourself and adopting a new persona. You feel like you are under the shelter of whatever character you are playing. This gives you the opportunity of freeing the nerd in you that you have kept locked away.
The freedom of expressing the inner you is something you can find in cosplay. No one’s judging you and you are praised for being who you want to be.

express yourself
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#3. A confidence booster

This ties up very well to the previous heading.
Cosplay is one of the best things to do if you want to improve your social skills. Wearing a mask and pretending to be someone else gives you a way to express yourself. You slowly stop caring about what other people think about you. This leads to you believing in yourself more and finding self-confidence.

#4. A welcome challenge

Cosplaying isn’t just for people who want to pass some free time. It takes practice and experience to become good at cosplay, and it can be challenging at times. Many people face difficulties in sewing but some don’t even know which fabric to buy, what makeup to use etc.
However, it is this challenge that makes cosplay exciting. Overcoming the challenge will give you a morale boost as well!

#5. A chance to learn

You are bound to learn a thing or two from cosplaying, and you’ll have a ton of fun doing it as well. Fun fact – most cosplayers learn sewing because of cosplay, and they learn it from the community. Apart from that, you can work on your acting skills, photography skills, creativity, teamwork and much more.

chance to learn
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The skills you learn from cosplay are useful in everyday life as well. You can fix your own clothes or use those photography skills with friends. There’s nothing to lose, but a lot to gain!

#6. An inclusive activity

Anyone can cosplay. There is no age limit, no profession requirement, no fees – no restrictions at all. Because of that, everyone can participate with anyone they like. Imagine – you can even bring your family dressed as The Incredibles to have a fun family Sunday. The options are endless!

inclusive activity
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Besides, you can cosplay as whoever you want. You don’t have to be in amazing shape to play Captain America or be oversized to play Hulk. The whole point of cosplay is to use your creativity to make those characters suit you – not the other way around.

#7. A great career choice

We mentioned before that people are making a living out of cosplay. You may be wondering how.
Companies that own the characters are always on the lookout for talented cosplayers. They reach out to the cosplayers who may want to work as designers or models for them. There are many such success stories – people start off as cosplayers because they love doing it, but get invited by some franchise to make a career out of it!

#8. A new sense of fashion

When cosplaying, you dress up in a completely unique style as compared to ordinary people. This opens new fashion choices for you that you may not have dared to even try. Of course, we’re not talking about wearing superhero suits to college. But you’re sure to wear those ordinary suits and dresses less and perhaps try out more daring options. You might even end up changing your entire wardrobe.

#9. A photo opportunity

Whether you’re into cosplaying or not, you’ve probably seen photos of cosplayers. Aren’t they amazing?

photo opportunity
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Cosplaying can get you outlandish photos for your social media accounts. It works so well that people who want to become social media stars do cosplay just for the attention they get on Instagram or Snapchat.

#10. A fun time!

Cosplaying is best described as having fun. Dressing up as your favorite character gives you a kind of joy that we cannot explain. You’ll have to experience it to know it.
It never gets old. You can cosplay for years and still feel the same excitement you felt the first time. There’s always a new character to play and new activities to do. Whether it’s in a friend group, as an individual or with your family – cosplay is a fun activity everyone should just try out.

fun time!
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There’s so much potential in cosplaying and it’s for everyone to try. If you’ve never experienced cosplaying, we hope we have tempted you with this list. Now stop overthinking it and pick a character already!