Misty was shown as an important character in the very start of the super popular anime series ‘Pokémon’. With the goal of becoming a water type Pokémon master, she travels around with Ash and Brock for five seasons in the series.

Cosplaying Misty is fun and inexpensive. Take a deep breath and imagine yourself as a water type trainer who aims for the best and is afraid of bug types. Doesn’t that sound awesome? Of course, there are some necessities like clothing and wigs, but that will not cost you much.

Being a gym leader and a talented trainer, Misty inspires many ladies to cosplay her. Other than that, her feisty but innocent character attracts many to be like her. Today, we’ll guide you about why and how you should cosplay such a character with ease. Without further ado, let’s get started.

#1. The basics

First, figure out the costume! You can either buy a costume or you can make one yourself. No need to look exactly her, but just alike. All you need are some fabric scissors, a yellow T-shirt, jean shorts, red shoes, an orange wig, red suspenders and a hair-tie. Now put them all together.

If you don’t have these basics at home, try the thrift store. Put an old yellow T-shirt to use by cutting the collar, bottom, neck and sleeves. but don’t throw the cut off pieces away as you will be needing them later. Use the picture of Misty for reference.

#2. The red shoes  

Almost everyone owns red converse or any other red shoes. If not, try the thrift store. Take the spare yellow part you cut before and glue it to the shoes. Again, look at pictures for more accuracy. If you plan to wear the shoes in daily life again, use a washable glue to attach the cloth so the shoes can be washed and reused.

Cosplaying Misty
All About Misty Cosplay Costumes 4

#3. Use a wig or dye your hair

The red-orange side ponytail is what makes Misty recognizable. You can always dye your hair an orange shade as it will look classy later or you could just buy a wig. Just make sure the wig is neither too expensive nor too cheap as you must set it for the cosplay but you need it just for one night.

Use a wig
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If you’re using a wig, put it on, and then pull the hair to a side ponytail. Use the picture for reference. Cut the ponytail to a certain length, make sure it’s a bit shorter than the rest of the wig hair. Adjust the front hair as you want and add some extra details. Take your time on this one as Misty’s hair was always neat and tidy.

#4. Right for every event

One thing about cosplaying Misty is that you won’t have to worry about where you’re going – whether it’s a birthday party, a comic convention, a costume party or just a random photoshoot. This cosplay is neither too stylish nor too simple. The character is an attractive lady – you’re sure to get attention!

#5. A finishing touch

finishing touch
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These accessories aren’t a must if you don’t have them. However, they do complete the costume and give you a strong Misty vibe. Try one, two or all of them.

Consider wearing blue contact lenses, an orange bag pack on your shoulders, have a plush Togepi in hand and carry a poke ball with you. Remember, you’re in love with everything water related but hate bugs. Wear the charm and you are one beautiful Pokémon trainer.

#6. Bring out the real you

You don’t have to act like Misty to cosplay her. Every girl is Misty at some point. Whether that’s while ticked off and angry, or happy and calm around anything containing water. Not everyone is a fan of bugs and of course every girl is attractive. This cosplay just polishes your looks a bit and demands to be cosplayed by a dedicated Pokémon lover.

#7. Age won’t matter

Another positive aspect here is that Misty can be cosplayed by ladies of any age. Your character will be vivid if you’re a 12-year-old or even a 40-year-old. This classy girl is one to make you look prominent despite your facial features, wrinkles, eye color or age. Just be confident and feel beautiful.

#8. Try something new

As we know, Misty makes an appearance more than once after she returns to the Cerulean Gym. Twice, she appears when Ash and Brock travel with May and Max. Thereby, you can change her outfit a bit to make her look like a whole new character.

For example, try dressing up with an orange shirt instead of yellow. Cosplay isn’t about duplicating a character, it’s about styling up by being creative. Add small details like changing the hair tie color or carrying a staryu or starmie instead of a Tokepi.

#9. Mash it up

Say you want to cosplay Misty but don’t have all the right fabric to dress up. Not a problem. Represent Misty by dressing up as half of Misty and half of any of her Pokémon. Imagine this, you wear a yellow shirt, but you wear shorts that are brown like Staryu. Make your hair Purple like Starmie and wear a Togepi bag pack behind. There you are. A Mystarpi!


Misty is one of the most well-known characters from Pokémon. This attractive character inspires many to cosplay her. Not hard at all and fun to dress up as, this water loving orange head will make you stand out of the crowd at any event you go to.