Cosplay is basically the art of dressing up, but remember, you need to act like the character also. For instance, you dress up as Prince Gumball or Hunny-Sempai, you first must know these characters in order to Cosplay them.

Usually, cosplaying means mimicking a character from a Japanese manga or anime. This is because Japan is quite famous among manga tunes and their anime are one of the most watched worldwide. But, with the advent of time, Cosplaying has expanded and now you can dress up even as a book character if you want to.

Choosing a Cosplay character might be more challenging than you think but it is exciting as well – especially if you have more than one series to choose from. There are many parameters that are needed to be considered before choosing which character to Cosplay. However, in the end, your personal style and preference is what matters the most.

There is a Cosplay character in everyone. With a little self-confidence and creativity, you’re bound to choose the perfect one for yourself. This article will tell you how to choose the perfect Cosplay for yourself.

#1. Determining budget and timeframe

Every character requires a costume. This costume can be readymade and bought, which would save a lot of time. However, that might cost you a whole lot more than what you should spend. You should always decide on a costume that allows you to throw in some key accessories like shoes or weaponry.

The timing of the Cosplay, whether it is a play, a birthday party or an act, determines by when you need the costume ready and going. If you have a large budget but less time, buying a readymade costume might be the best option. But if your budget is low, consider renting a costume from a local shop or creating it yourself.

budget and timeframe
Choosing the Right Cosplay 5

#2. Do a Cosplay you will be proud of

Being comfortable with what you Cosplay is as important as having fun while doing it. Remember, you won’t be the only one who sees yourself while dressed up like that. There will be tons of people who will not only see you like that but also comment on you and take pictures of you and post them online.

Those pictures will be posted on social media and shared hundreds of times until it is no longer in your control to stop them. As such, you need to choose a character you will feel proud of later. So keep in mind comfort, the right color of the costume so it won’t sheer out by the flash of camera, and the proudness you feel after cosplaying the character.

#3. Be true to yourself

Do what you think feels right for you. If you feel that you’re a better villain than a hero, do it. Don’t just choose a hero for people to like you. Be a villain that people will love.

Most of all, do what makes you happy. If you’re happy in doing a Cosplay that is shy and not outgoing, it doesn’t matter as long as you’re having fun. If you’re more a nerd than a cheerleader, choose a character with glasses and a graduation cap on.

If you’re religious and don’t want to show off much skin in your costume, it’s okay. If you have your wedding ring on and do not want to take it off, then be a character that wears a wedding ring. If you must wear glasses because of medical needs, you can still be the sad emotion from Inside Out. There’s a character for everyone!

#4. List all your favorite movies, series and books

Prioritize the characters from movies or series that you have been obsessed over for a long time. Cosplay a character that you have a connection with and have wanted to be since long. This will help you know what you want.

favorite movies
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Once you’ve made the list, narrow them down to the ones you like most and those that you identify with. Then, look carefully at all the costume designs and find the most preferable one. Consider attributes such as beauty, intelligence, strength and powers.

#5. Be careful!

Despite the fun, cosplayers can end up being bullied, harassed or discriminated based on the character they choose. Stay on the safe side by choosing a character to cosplay that leaves no room for victimization. It’s a good thing to be confident and enthusiastic, but always keep a group of good friends to guide you through the looks.

Be careful
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#6. Choose more than one character

It can be quite difficult settling on one character to cosplay when you have a bunch of favorites. But there is no rule in Cosplay that says you can only be one character at a time. Even though it might take you a while putting together costumes for more than one character, but you can take it slow by developing one costume at a time.

#7. Know yourself first

Of course, it’s important to know yourself before you choose any character to cosplay. This is because, if a character does not resemble you much, at least its personality must be similar to yours, if not the same. If you do not know who you are, what you like, what you don’t like, it won’t be that easy finding yourself a match.

Know yourself
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For example, suppose you’re a woman but you’d rather cosplay a child. Dig deep into your childhood and find out how you were when you were a child. Then, find yourself a character that has a similar childhood to yours. That would be much easier to Cosplay than someone whose childhood does not match yours at all.


Cosplay has become an art for many these days. In occasional acts, in birthday parties and conventions, cosplays are considered quite important. Because of this, you must either go big or go home. And to do that, you must carefully choose a character to Cosplay that will not make your life difficult but will make you stand out of the many cosplays around you.