Cosplay makes a person believe that they’re someone else out in the public – a feeling which many might enjoy. Taking a break from your own self and taking on the personality of someone you want to be for a while. Not everyone might recognize your supernatural costume and some might frown upon your idea, but at the end, it’s you who matters and not anybody else.

There are plenty of costumes out there available for purchase or for rent, but they might not be what you’re looking for. Take a little help and some tips from here and there and create something new to show off. Whether you’re a gamer, an anime lover, or a combination of both, there are limitless costume ideas out there.

Costumes are the most important part of cosplaying. And deciding a costume is step 1. You need to know exactly what cosplay costume will work out the best for you. It might sound easy but it’s really not.

Not to worry though. We have you covered. This article is dedicated for you if you have a hard time picking cosplay costumes. There are certain considerations to be kept in mind when picking a cosplay costume. So without further ado, let’s dive into them:

#1. Go for a group costume

Why be the only one to look classy? Take an entire group of friends or family and dress them up as either part of the same character or someone a bit different. For example, The Suicide Squad has many characters to cosplay. Dress someone up as Harley Quinn, someone as Joker, and someone as Deadshot to stay part of the same family yet have a unique character to cosplay.

group costume
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Have a favorite TV show which doesn’t have as many characters as the number of people in your family? Try dressing your children as happy trees, cute butterflies or a bunch of random squirrels. Think outside the box!

#2. Try a mashup

Mashups are one of the coolest and outstanding ideas a person can come up with for the cosplay costumes. Blend your characters and personality with different characters to form a new one such as Bat-Spider, Death Pikachu, Mickey the Sailor mouse or anything else. The options are endless!

Try changing colors of costumes as well that will make you a two in one. For example, take a Naruto costume, but change the orange to navy blue and wear your hair in a duck style. Viola! You’re Sasruto (Sasuke and Naruto).

#3. Gender or age does not matter

Swap your age with one and gender with another for one night. Cosplays are never limited to these two. A boy can dress up as a girl and an eighty-year-old can cosplay a 15-year-old teenager.

Take this. Harley Quinn but with the makeup and hairdo of Joker. Mickey Mouse with the braids and the shoes of Goldie Locks. If you’re going out trick or treating with you grandchildren on Halloween, swap costumes with them. That’s sure to get you a whole lot of candy!

#4. Be creative

Usually, the coolest cosplay costumes go on an entirely different route. Imagine this, Alice in Wonderland but dressed in rags and a tiara. Or the wizard of Oz dressed in a formal attire. Harry potter without his glasses, a different haircut with jeans and a T-shirt.

You can also bring anime characters to life. Dress up as Bloom with a cape and a ball gown, holding a wand in hand that can light up and grant little girls their wishes of living in a castle. Consider a Bubbles costume but with pink eye lens and the expression of Buttercup.

#5. Don’t forget the basics

A cool costume doesn’t have to cost you your whole pocket money. You can always pull off a cool costume by just putting together some things from your closet, where you find nine out of then things to put to it. If not there, try a thrift store. If not that either, shop online.

Bring the most basic idea of any costume into mind. For example, you want to cosplay Bolt for a costume party. What’s the most basic thing in that dog? It’s white. Take an old T-shirt with long white sleeves, white leggings and some white fabric for the ears and tail. That’s all you’ll need for now

#6. Add the details

Many cosplayers use foam for their costumes but it’s not a must. Think about the Bolt dog you just created using a simple white shirt. A little bit of black eyeliner should make the Bolt sign for you. Take an old medal to transform into a collar and you’re done.

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Not only that, many other cosplay costumes can be made better by adding some simple details like a pink collar, some dye paint, gloves or a hair ribbons of different colors. You’ll look someone fantastic in no time.

#7. Consider Disney-bounding

Disney-bounding is one style of cosplay where you wear the costume almost exactly like the character. This idea allows you to dress up as Disney characters without violating any of their costume accessories.

Imagine this, if you wear a purple shirt with green leggings and a white flower in your hair, you’ll be instantly recognized as Ariel from the Little Mermaid. If you have short hair, wear a steel armor and a fake sword in hand to look just like Mulan.

Consider Disney
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#8. Look beyond the obvious

Cosplay isn’t limited to choosing what’s available at the store or what’s trending. List out your and your family’s favorite TV shows and movies. Go into video games or a commercial ad representator. Cosplay Super Mario, Marvel movies, or even any character from Tekken. Think outside the box.

Mix the sweet with the sour. Be Harry, the Golden snitch or Doremon, the Robot always causing trouble. Be a sweet Gian with a beautiful voice or an Avenger who likes to steal candy from little kids. The choice is yours!


Cosplay costumes aren’t meant to push down your natural personality. They’re supposed to bring out the best in you. You can do that by creating a costume that’s one of a kind and that fits just you and no one else. Cosplay costumes are a way of telling what you’re really into and what you want to be.

With that said, we hope this article provided you with a better sense of costume ideas for cosplay. In the end, any costume can be made to look good if you put your heart and soul into it. The best advice we can give is to go for a character that you really like. That will give you the motivational boost to make your costume best among all!