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There is a lot of choice when it comes to dressing up as a cosplay character. It gives you the freedom to escape your monotonous routine and enact your favorite character. However, with possibilities that seem to be never ending, choosing one cosplay character can seem to be a very overwhelming and tiresome task. In this article, we’ll discuss in detail on how you can choose on your cosplay character without much difficulty and confusion.

With a practical approach and little bit of insight, you can choose your own cosplay character and have absolutely no regrets about it later on. Take a look at these useful steps which will help you to confidently decide on your cosplay character and be satisfied with your decision.

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1.  Figure out your budget and timeframe

It is of utmost importance to first decide on the budget that you should be having for your cosplay costume and accessories. When it comes to a cosplay costume, a professionally-made costume can be very costly but this doesn’t mean that you need a very heavy budget for every type of costume you buy. Costumes are also available at reasonable rates that give you value which is worth more than the cost itself.

Buying a costume may help you to get it faster but if you are good at sewing then making your costume yourself may save you a lot of money. When you are deciding on your cosplay costume, keep the entire budget in your mind and not just the cost of your costume. The entire budget would include the cost of your costume, your headband, accessories or any weaponthat you might be holding (in case you are aiming for a Superhero role).

The next step after finalizing your budget is to figure out the deadline or date by which you will be needing the costume. The deadline is determined by the convention center timings and schedule of cosplay parties. If you can spend lavishly on a costume and there is a sense of urgency, then buying a costume may be the best choice for you. However, if you are unable to afford an expensive costume then you can rent out your costume for the period until the cosplay party takes place and return it once it’s over.

Another alternative in case of a small budget is that, as already mentioned, you can buy the necessary raw materials and craft your own cosplay costume from it. There are a lot of online tutorials that are focused on DIY costumes and just by watching those tutorials it would be very easy for you to create your own cosplay costume.

You don’t have any budget available and the next cosplay event is just around the corner? Not to worry! Take help from one of your friends who you believe might be having that costume you wish to dress up in and return it with gratitude later on.

later on
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2.  Stay updated with convention guidelines

This is important. You need to keep yourself updated regarding any convention guidelines. For instance, some conventions do not have any restrictions with the type of costume worn by the cosplayer and are open to all types. However, there are some conventions that only permit certain costumes; these costumes may pertain to a specific genre or series. Therefore, it is a wise idea to keep yourself informed of the convention center guidelines beforehand to avoid any problems or issues later on.

There are some convention centers that only allow Star Wars’ costumes while there are others which only permit anime series costumes. Hence, before you are denied admission in any one of these events, search up for all the local convention centers and their criteria to match the one which is relevant to your cosplay.     

3.  Coming up with all the costume possibilities

This is going to be one of the main steps as it forms the crux of deciding on your cosplay character. It is better to plan ahead on the costume that you really want to wear rather than choosing one randomly. Do not directly jump into the costumes or the characters that you wish to enact. Start from scratch and make a list of all the series, movies and books that you really like. Then list down your favorite characters from those series/movies/books. By just starting on a wide scale, it would be easier to narrow down your most-admired characters from amongst them.

Then proceed to considering the attributes of your favorite characters. These attributes can be, but are not restricted to (based on your liking):

·        Personal style

Based on your personal style, think of all the characters that you admire, who have the most attractive look and wear the best costume or design that you really like.

·        Other attributes

An outside-look is not the only factor you should consider while narrowing down your cosplay choices. A real cosplay is one that strikes the perfect balance between the inside and outside. Some of the key attributes that you should look for that make a character worthy of cosplay are:

  • Magical Ability
  • Intelligence
  • Power or Strength
  • Status

·   Types of design

The character designs are also one of the important points to be taken into consideration and include:

  • Color combinations
  • Accessories worn by the character
  • Choice of outfit
  • Hairstyles
  • Footwear

These designs complete the cosplay look and also form the main essence of the character.

the character
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4.  The alternative to coming up with a character

Despite all the listing, if you still cannot come up with a favorite character and are confused who to dress up as, then go for the cosplay that makes you most comfortable. For instance, if you have a funky and smart personality, then choosing Harley Quinn as your cosplay character may be the best choice for you.

One smart move is to also stay informed about the cosplay characters that are already booked by your friends or other cosplay characters. You want to avoid repeating the same costume on the main day and wear something unique that makes you stand out.

5.  Final selection

The final stage is to consider the body type of the character. It would be fantastic to cosplay a character that has the same body type as yours as it adds precision and accuracy to your look. A costume that you can make a replica of with exactness is likely to get you a higher rating from the judges. They will be able to relate your cosplay look with the actual character.

6.  Breaking down the costume

Coming to the practical part, once you have decided on the costume, it is better to break down your costume into parts. This makes it is easy and quick to collect all the parts and make a cosplay out of it. All the components that you need to gather are: jewelry, clothing items, footwear, weaponry, hairbandsetc.They will complete your cosplay look and compatible items are likely to enhance your image and earn you a higher rating from the judges.

the judges
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7.  Preparations before the big day

Ever heard of a prototype? Just like a prototype is launched in the market before introducing the final product, you can also have a test-run before the final day. This will ensure nothing is missing and that you are well prepared.

8.  Confidence

Where there is fame and success, there is also a potential danger of bullying and harassment. Stay mentally prepared to receive such threats but also use your poise, confidence and courage to protect yourself from any person that poses a threat. Having assistance is also a good idea.