Cosplay is a multibillion-dollar industry that thrives on fan contributions, fandom communities and social media. Although it involves big money; but it is all about bringing people together by allowing fans to contribute and show their love for their favorite  characters.

It brings closer different fandoms coming from different cultures and different fictional universes through friendship and harmony. You are likely to find people from different fandoms who are into the same genre as you are or possibly the same fandom as well.

A successful cosplay is marked by excellent creative skills, a vibrant costume, and a catchy name if you are making your custom cosplay character. Choosing a name is just as important as making a stylish costume for your cosplay so you can set the right tone for your character and can relate to it better.

In this article, we will explore the essentials of a perfect cosplay and how you can better choose a name that perfectly harmonizes with your character.


How to Choose Your Cosplay Name – Helpful Info With Tips and Tricks 6

Keeping in touch with all the traits of your character – which keeps on evolving –  is a daunting task; let alone choosing a perfect name that describes it. If you have done a little cosplay, this article will guide you on how to do it simply better. We aim to give you all the dos and don’ts of a cosplay and how you should choose a cosplay name.

There are some cool strategies you can use like random name generators, character quizzes, and interactive generators. These are not only effective but also fun. For custom characters that have a few or more traits in common with the well-known characters, we have provided a list of tailor-made names that can be used as they are or can be modified according to your taste.

In the end, we have provided some tips and tricks you can use to fine-tune your cosplay and your name. We hope you enjoy and like all that we have got for you.

Why The Name Cosplay?

Cosplay has been derived from the words costume and play. In the World Science Fiction Convention that was held in Los Angeles in 1984, people dressed up from different genres and universes as popular sci-fi characters were first referred to as the cosplayers.

Cosplayers are creative people who can drive their inner artist by projecting their creativity in their costumes, actions, and names. All of this is reflected in how well they can represent their character and their affiliations with it. The main goal is to have fun and show commitment to their character.

Types of Cosplay Names

We have categorized the major cosplays and have classified them into the following; as each of them has different universes and comes from different cultures; thus have different requirements for character names.

Having a bright idea of how these character’s names relate to their respective universe, will help you choose a better name for your cosplay.

Anime Names

If you were ever a fan of Toonami cartoons, you must know about Pokémon, Digimon, and the infamous Dragon Ball Z which is still running and keeps on spewing new characters. These belong to anime which is a famous Japanese art of animating characters. Names of these characters may vary differently like the Pokémon world uses the western names such as Ash and Misty while the characters from Dragon Ball Z have full-on Japanese names like Yamcha and Chi-Chi, not to mention the famous Goku as well. Other fandoms like the ones dealing with characters from universes such as the Titans or One Punch Man use more hardcore Japanese names like Saitama, Fubuki or Okaimatachi. So if your cosplay has similarities with this universe, you know what to do.

Sci-Fi Names

The science-fiction universe either uses names which are alien to us and appear to have come from a different civilization or they are completely western for the Sci-Fi genre has been the forte of the west. For example, Startrek is a combination of both. Captain Kirk is an earthly name used in the west while Damar and B’Etor are alien names.

Folk-Lore Names

Folklore involves characters from the supernatural world like Vampires, Werewolves, Lycans, Leviathans, Angels, Demons etc. Folklore comes from all over the world and has no specific inclinations to their names. But it is mostly seen that they have a European touch to them. For example, the Vampire Carmella is Anglo British, while Vlad Tepish the Dracula is Romanian; and his court generals Hector and Isaac are Icelandic and Arab respectively. 

Super Hero Names

The superhero fandoms are mostly dominated by Marvel and DC. Like the Superman franchise from Marvel and Batman from the DC. Keep in mind though that these are rival universes. As the sole purpose of cosplay is to bring harmony between different fandoms, choose a name that is focused on your character and does not pose any hint of derogation to the characters from other fandoms. For example, Superman and Batman are often given unfair comparisons as they belong to two completely different universes. Choosing names like SuperBatKiller, etc. might offend one or two.

Some Common Cosplay Names

Most of the Cosplays are created based on the most famous characters. There are only a few who will create a character of their own and a name that suits it. Choosing a name in such a situation is quite a challenging task. Most often than not, people will go with the default names as they are more convenient to use; plus, everyone knows about the character so there are no objections to the name.

But what if you want to try out something new and want to choose a Cosplay name yourself? You need to be very careful about some things if you choose to do so. Make sure that the name is understandable and can relate to your character. Moreover, make sure that it is easy to pronounce. If your character catches the eye but it’s not easy on the tongue, then there are chances that your efforts will go bite the dust.

Here are some of the Fun names for reference:

  • Gabelmont
  • Riddle
  • Falkenstein
  • Vampbat
  • Terraform
  • Lightbringer
  • Kameha

If you look at these names, they give you an insight into the character as well as what inspired the creator for that cosplay. A great name is always a game-changer for your cosplay as your audience can better relate to the cosplay origin and will understand your cosplay more.

Easy Ways to Create Cosplay Names


When you are starting in cosplay, you may put your best efforts in making the best design for your cosplay but may slack on the most crucial aspect of your whole cosplay – that is your name.

If you haven’t given it much of a thought and now you are stuck with no good name for your cosplay, don’t worry as there are some great tools out there that will help you out in choosing a perfect name for your character. You may even get a pre-generated name that is without any alteration the perfect match for your cosplay.

These tools are vast in their application and make names based on what kind of data you put into them. The possibilities are just endless. There are many tools out there that you can try for yourself if the tools we have mentioned do not fulfil your needs. So have a look at these name generators.


If you are a fantasy fan, then this generator will suit your cosplay. If you are cosplaying some character from a fictional universe like the Game of Thrones or the Vikings, this generator will help you generate fantastical Anglo Saxon and Russ names.

Here are some of the cosplay names that we were able to use through this name generator.

  • Orion Herphyra
  • Jorben Daeberos
  • Godwarith Morceran
  • Wisxian Petfir
  • Glorfindel Virtoris
  • Lanceendyl Ravacaryn



How to Choose Your Cosplay Name – Helpful Info With Tips and Tricks 7

So you are an anime fan? No problem, as the same name generator can also pull out some legit Japanese names. Whether it be anime or manga cosplay, this name generator intelligently analyzes the data and provides very realistic anime cosplay names. Do remember that here the surname will come first.

Here are a few that we were able to do ourselves:

  • Shinoyomi Katsusuke
  • Higita Marematsu
  • Detaka Shininsei
  • Hokiri Sadachiro
  • Arisugi Matsumeisetsu
  • Ikehisa Josaburo
  • Nagamura Ennoboru
  • Wamaya Atsutsuya
  • Yanagimoto Ashitada
  • Kashitsuka Jatsuna


How to Choose Your Cosplay Name – Helpful Info With Tips and Tricks 8

Interactive name generators are the most enjoyable way to create your names. Spinox uses small words to identify and create your cosplay name. You can feed it anything like your nickname, your favorite weapon in a game, tools, favorite letter, something that you like, and much more.

Some of the names we generated were:

  • BigDawg
  • SamuraiBanshee
  • FightingToad
  • FistFury

Although there were some names which made no sense at all; but then, this is an interactive name generator and it will only give an output most relevant to what you fed it with.


How to Choose Your Cosplay Name – Helpful Info With Tips and Tricks 9

You are in luck if you are looking for some cool elf names. We had fun using this name generator. If you are into Lords of the rings and Hobbit kind of stuff, then take a look at the Seventhsanctum. The names that this generator produces explore and relates to the elf culture. How about you go with cool names like Sehaah Moonbrewer or may be Napolb Hopeflute.

Here are some of the elf names we were able to pull out

  • Genaal Crystalmage
  • Hacalahn Macejuggler
  • Heriar Ivoryfalcon
  • Hidareul Bravefire
  • Ipurbund Grimtooth
  • Napolb Hopeflute
  • Odenareas Vinehare
  • Raperganr Dunetear
  • Ratbaih Greatmace

Pick a name from list

If you don’t want to generate names and want original cosplay names, then I guess it is a pretty easy way to go. Just go on and pick a cosplay name of already established characters. Here are some of the names you can pick from.

  • MR.X
  • Nemesis
  • Jill Valentine
  • Poison
  • Ryu
  • Bison
  • Dr.Manhattan
  • Vlad Tepes
  • Gabriel Belmont

These are some of the most famous characters from well-known universes which you can choose at your ease.


How to Choose Your Cosplay Name – Helpful Info With Tips and Tricks 10

Quizzes are a great way to pick a name for your character. It works something like this: you are asked some questions regarding your favorite character or your favorite genre, and based on those questions you will get a list of cosplay characters that should suit you. It is that simple. It is a great way to go when you are still on the road to finding the idea as to where you should start.

We tried to get some names from Castlevania series and were amazed by how accurate the results can be. So check them out yourself.


  • Choose what you like and can relate to the most.
  • Choose a name that can be easily pronounced.
  • Make a unique name and avoid names that are too generic.
  • Make sure your name represents the image you want to convey to your audience.
  • Choose a meaningful name.
  • Don’t be afraid to change your name if the fandom culture or the universe goes through changes
  • Decide how much of it you want to be displayed on the internet.
  • Do a google check before finally deciding on the name to see if someone has already taken it.


We have aimed to provide you fun ways and info to help you choose a cosplay name for your character. You can either use a random name generator or can choose from a widely available list of cosplay names of already established characters. It is also very convenient to take quizzes and get a tailor-made name for your character. In the end, we have given some pro tips so you can remember those at your fingertips. We know it is a lot on your plate, but it is definitely worth some consideration.

While you are at it, just remember having fun!