Cosplays of today are not limited to a simple costume. Modern Cosplay has been taken to the next level thanks to its fusion with modern digital designing and technology. The enormous amounts of accessories, mechanical components, sensors, electrical prosthetics for face and body are all amalgamated together to make a trendy cosplay.

Cosplays are now supported by a lot of supplementary elements. Wigs, headwear, helmets and fancy footwear have added to the distinctiveness of costumes. Cosplay wigs are worn to add character and flamboyance to the wearer’s looks. Cosplay wigs are made of high quality hair and are meant to be worn for years. Pulling off a cosplay wig can be a tricky task. Putting on the wig cap and pinning the wig properly in place takes practice and confidence.

Here we talk about all you need to know about Cosplay Wigs!

Some Special Cosplay Wigs

Cosplay wigs have made a name for themselves due to their funkiness and exoticness. Many cosplay costumes nowadays mimic anime or manga characters. These characters have vibrant hair styles which are made part of their respective cosplays using a wig set. With a wide range of styles and colors, cosplay wigs are meant to be worn by elders and teens equally.

Many cosplay models and wearers consider cosplay wigs as a huge nuisance. They cannot afford to be curled, waxed, sprayed or tangled. As such, many cosplay designers are working on the development of high-quality cosplay wigs.

Synthetic Cosplay Wig

Cheap and easy-to-wear synthetic cosplay wigs are the most common among the beginners. Synthetic fiber has always been the go-to material for wigs. It can be styled in any way and has the ability to be in any color of your choice. The thick fiber also gives off a quality look.

Synthetic Cosplay Wig
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Monofilament and Lace Wigs

Giving off a more natural look. Lace wigs are the choice of famous Cosplay models. A mix of weft and mesh creates a more natural hairline look and gives off a better style. Monofilament wigs are expensive due to the delicacy of lace incorporated.

Lace Wigs
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Some of the modern and most popular cosplay wigs of 2020 are:

  • Cfalaicos Straight Hair Wig.
  • K’ryssma G. Synthetic Lace Wigs.
  • Cying L. Curly Heat Resistance Wig.

Master the Art of Wearing Cosplay Wigs

Doesn’t matter if you are an experienced wig wearer or a beginner with cosplays. Going through a user’s guide is always helpful. Let’s take a detailed look into how you should wear a cosplay wig.

1.      Start with the Wig Cap

The wig cap is one of the most fundamental elements of the whole set up to hold the wig tightly and to cover up your original hair. The following steps are key to getting the right wig cap.

Choose the Right Cap Size

Start off with determining your head size. Pick the right cap according to your head size. Although most of the caps are free-sized now a days, but still it can be vital for your look to pick the exact cap size.

Choose the Right Material

Different materials are available for the wig caps. From pantyhose material to fishnet. Choose your preferred material wisely. Fishnet material is a little sticky and gives off a tight firm look but many people prefer the pantyhose material due to its comfort and softness.

Adjust Your Hair Before Putting on the Cap

Once you have selected your cap, it’s time to put it on the correct way. Slide your hair all the way to the back and cover the sides in case you have long hair. Flip the ponytail over the top or use pin curls if you like. In case of afro or curly hair, wetting the hair and combing it all the way back can be a handy idea.

Tightening the Cap

After putting on the wig cap, if you feel the cap is loose or unfit, you can make use of snap clips to adjust and tighten the position of the wig cap on your head. Make sure the cap is able to cover most of your hair if not all. Stuff your hair as much as you can inside the cap and use the snap clip in order to tighten the cap.

2.      Put on the Wig

Once you have successfully worn the wig cap. It’s time to put on the wig itself.

Slide the Wig Over your Head

Use both hands to slide the wig on to your head starting from the front. Your fingers should be inside the wig and slowly slide it over the cap.

Cover the Cap

Putting on the wig, the next thing to make sure of is to cover the wig cap completely. Even a slight glance of the wig cap from any side can ruin the look. Make sure your forehead is covered and your eyebrows are visible. Stretch the wig over the cap in order to accommodate any extra hair.

Cover the Cap
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3.      Keeping the Wig in Place

The wig needs to remain intact on to your head. To make sure of this, there are several ways.

Pin It

Hair pins and bobby pins are the go-to method. Use of bobby pins helps for the better placement and firmness of the wig. The more pins you use, better will be the adjustment of your wig. Bobby pins are similar to closed hair pins. Hence, they should be pierced all the way through the wig cap on to your hair.

Strength Test

To test the strength of your wig placement – tilt your head, shake your head and even jump up and down to make sure your wig is firmly placed onto your head. Make sure you feel comfortable with the placement of the wig cap and wig itself. Use more pins if necessary.

Style It!

After securing the placement of the wig, finally, you can style the wig hair according to your liking. Brush the wig and make any hairstyle you want. Mostly, wigs are styled. Avoid using water or any hairspray on the wigs as it can damage them.

Style It
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