You must be living under a rock to not have at least heard about cosplay. This act of mimicking and dressing up as someone else has become a huge aspect of movies, games, comics, memes and much more. So much so that it can be described as a separate culture at this point. A culture you get to see on a large scale in the form of conventions, fan meetups and more.

But cosplay didn’t get to where it is overnight. This isn’t a one hit wonder which is why it is still going strong. There’s a lot to this Japan originated activity than just dressing differently and acting as someone you admire. The potential of cosplaying is to wherever you can take it. To some, cosplaying is just a hobby, to others it is a profession; and to the rest, it is a lifestyle.

If you don’t know much about cosplaying, then you’re probably wondering why it is such a big deal. Why is it so popular? Why is it so important? If that’s the case, then this article is dedicated to you.

Here we list down all the aspects of cosplaying that make it so great.

#1. Cosplaying is fun, period.

Think of an activity that allows you to enjoy with friends, nerd out on the teeny-tiny details, and make memories whenever you do it. That’s cosplay for you.

Cosplaying wouldn’t have made it big unless it was as fun as it is. You can ask any cosplayer at all – no matter how little their experience in cosplay – and the first thing they’ll describe cosplay as would be fun. Whether it is on a tradition like Halloween or a full-fledged convention, you’re bound to enjoy yourself to the fullest.

Cosplaying is fun
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Cosplaying is enjoyable before, during and after the event. Everything from picking the character, stitching your costumes, grouping up at conventions, and receiving feedback afterwards is a pleasurable experience. This is due to the cosplay community for most part, which brings us to the next headline feature of cosplay.

#2. The community

Every trend or activity has a community behind it. This community has a major role in making the whole experience good or bad. A good community will encourage you to enjoy yourself and partake in activities, whereas a bad or toxic community will do the opposite.

With that in mind, the cosplay community is one of the most welcoming communities out there. Cosplayers encourage others all the time. There is always a very healthy and friendly atmosphere around cosplayers. Commonly, every cosplayer that goes to a convention alone comes out of it with a long-lasting friend.

The community
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It makes sense as well. Everyone shares the same interest of movies, TV shows, comics, memes and games. So there’s no-one judging you and you can openly express yourself.

#3. Living your imagination

Cosplay is the best way to live your fantasy. In fact, it started off in Japan as exactly that. People wanted to be part of those amazing storylines in movies and works of fiction, so they did. And it’s safe to say – it works.

The moment of transition that you have when you come out of a movie theatre, or after you end that season you loved so much, is what cosplay lives off.  With cosplay, you can express your love for the character, and in turn, the movie or game. It’s a win-win. You have a blast while supporting your beloved character and the franchise gets recognition.

Cosplay even helps in making you a creative person in general. You can shape your dreams into reality and live that heroic life you are inspired by.

#4. Marketing and business

Cosplay has become a critical thing for movies and games as well. When you dress up and act like a character, the franchise that owns that character gets free recognition and publicity. This is good publicity since it shows how much people love their creation.

Because of this, cosplay is very important to businesses. It is a huge marketing technique. This is why designers and artists have to put a lot of thought and consideration into styling an actor and making them look like the character. In fact, there’s so much thought that goes into it that companies even tend to make beauty products and cosmetics that they can sell to cosplayers, so that they can achieve the exact same look. It’s business and publicity in one package.

#5. A career opportunity

Though the owners of characters do get a ton of benefits from cosplayers, it’s not fair to say that it’s a one-way deal. There are a lot of monetary advantages that cosplayers get for mimicking their character as well. To understand how, we need to know what goes into cosplaying.

A career opportunity
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It takes a lot of effort, money, time, and skill to pull-off a good cosplay. It may look like pretending to be someone else or dressing up as them is easy but really, it’s not. A lot of creativity goes into it if you want to really stand out. People that are good at cosplaying can be easily identified during events and conventions.

Companies that own the character are always on the lookout for who cosplays their character the best. They can reach out to these cosplayers and ask them if they would want to work with them as designers, artists or models. Many people have taken to a professional cosplay career this way.

#6. Being you

The best thing about cosplay is the freedom it provides you to be who you are. Whether you’re into cartoons at the age of 40 or love comics from the 1900s, cosplay allows you to show it off and have fun doing it. It is one of those things you need to try for yourself in order to understand it.

There’s something about hiding behind a mask or a costume that rids you of the nervousness and fear. It’s like the character you’re cosplaying is saving you from the world’s judgement. You connect to the character unlike anything else and get a newfound respect for them.

Being you
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Cosplay is for everyone to enjoy. You can have a fun Sunday with your family dressed up as the Incredibles or show up to a convention with your friend group as the Avengers.


Since everything associated with cosplay must be fun, we hope you enjoyed reading this article. Now you know why cosplay is so popular and important. Whether it’s a Halloween costume or a mainstream convention, cosplay is everywhere. It’s hard to think of a world without it.

All in all, cosplay is a wonderful thing. It never gets old no matter how long you do it for, because every time you have a new character to portray. It’s something everyone needs to experience. So stop holding back and pick a character to cosplay already!