It seems that there is more than one anime that has catboys. The list is long, and it is up to you to choose which ones you like best. Some of the most popular anime are Uta no Prince-sama, Kai, Loveless, Pandora’s Cheshire, and Ikuto. All of these stories follow a character named Kai, a high school student, who is also a catboy. He is very unique, as he can transform into different animals, and he is very good at it. These anime are also known for their cute and adorable characters, and many of them have beautiful backgrounds, which you can see in their screenshots.

Catboy Anime Characters


Nekopara – Catboys Paradise is an otome visual novel that was originally announced as an April Fool’s joke. It’s available on iOS and Steam. However, it’s been given a fair amount of attention in the otome community. This is a game that features an all-star cast of voice actors, and it’s definitely worth checking out.

As you might expect from a otome title, Catboys’ Tale is chock full of cute moments. However, there are some questionable character traits that may make you look elsewhere for romance. Luckily, this isn’t a long game, so you can easily finish it in less than two hours.

While the Nekopara franchise is focused on catgirls, this spinoff has four catboys. The story follows a young woman who inherits her grandfather’s cafe. She decides to keep the cafe open as a memorial to him.


In Catboy anime series, there are many good characters. It is a long and complicated series but it is worth watching. The characters are diverse. They are often funny, and they add comic relief to the narrative.

Kyo is a cat boy who has a lot of cat-like traits. He is hot-blooded and he is also very loyal. Aside from that, he is the sworn enemy of Yuki. You can see him being a bit devious at times. He transforms into a cat when he is hugged by a female character.

Kai is the twin brother of Riku. He is a talented swimmer. His name is probably derived from the word “ocean” in Japanese. Also, he can adopt human form and he is a drummer.

Kuro is a cat-like Servamp. He has red eyes and black cat ears. And he has bags under his eyes. Moreover, he is a member of the Werecat species.


Riku is one of the key characters of the Kingdom Hearts series. The character was conceived by Tetsuya Nomura. He was designed to symbolize the theme of choosing light in the series.

As a child, Riku is voiced by Ty Panitz. However, as he grows up, he is voiced by David Gallagher. This gives him a rebellious teenager voice.

Kai is another of Riku’s twin brothers. He is also part of the same band as his brother. His hair is shorter than Riku’s. He also has cat-like ears. Kai has a dull indigo color.

The lion guitar player Aion is his older brother. He wears black pants and a black trench coat. He has a brown nose and pale tan paws. Aion has red eyes.

There is also a demihuman catboy named Hetaro. He is part of a lethal mercenary group.


Norio, also known as the Sloth or the nekomata, is an anime cat boy with feline and human traits. He has a cat-like personality and has a lot of cat-like attributes such as a cat-like tail, a slit-like eye and cat-like ears.

One of the coolest things about Norio is his ability to transform into a neko-cat. In this transformation, he becomes a giant, scary, demon cat. It is a very effective way of luring people to his side.

Another of his nifty cat-like attributes is his ability to tell the time. This is actually a fairly new feature in Norio’s cat boy abilities, but it is certainly a surprisingly impressive feat.

Although he might be an ape-man, he is not afraid to show his feelings. This makes him a highly engaging character.


Ikuto Tsukiyomi is a boy who lives in Japan. He is known for his cat-like abilities. Among other things, he is very protective of his family and friends.

Ikuto is a tall, handsome kid who has blue eyes. In some scenes, he can appear with a tail, a silver cross choker, and even cat ears. Some anime fans may call him the ‘cat boy’.

He is a member of the Bakeneko clan. He is also a mercenary. A member of the lethal mercenary group Lethal Mercenaries.

In the Fate series, he is referred to as the ‘Death Rebel’. His desire to attract Shu*Zo is a big motivator in his quest.

His cat-like abilities include a violin that can transform into a Death Scythe. He is also known for his ability to generate long claws from his hands. It is this feature that he uses during his transformation.


Schrodinger, also known as the Cat Boy, is a fictional character in the manga series Doc’s Story. He is part of the Millenium elite, a group of modern-day Nazis. Among other things, he possesses powers that are linked to quantum-physics.

Schrodinger’s name is a reference to the famous thought experiment known as Schrodinger’s Cat. It involves a cat enclosed in a vial of a radioactive isotope. When the box is opened in the future, the cat will either be alive or dead.

There are many other versions of the story. The Schrodinger’s Cat story was illustrated by F. Gwynplaine MacIntyre. A version of the story was also used in the short film The Heisenberg Principle. Another version is seen in MythBusters comics, while a similar story is presented in Scenes From a Multiverse.


Among the many cat boy anime, Catboy is not a bad pick. It has its fair share of geeky and cute characters. Some of them are actually humanoids, while others are actually cats. Here are some of the most interesting and impressive characters in the series.

The most impressive character is the one that can transform into a cat. Aside from the usual cat morphs, Aion can also transform into a demon cat. This is a mighty feat for such a little guy.

For a while, he was actually a cat. However, he managed to convince his master, Heartfilia, to give him a second chance. When he is in human form, he looks like a cute young man with an average height. He usually wears casual clothes and a green jacket.

Pandora’s Cheshire

Pandora’s Cheshire is a character in the anime series, Pandora Hearts. The anime is based on the manga by Jun Mochizuki. He is a mysterious being from beyond the Universe. In this manga, Cheshire is the ruler of a dimension between the two worlds.

He is not the only one. There are several other Chains besides Cheshire, though. Despite being the “king” of this dimension, Cheshire is not a true hero. However, the character shows great physical capabilities, such as healing wounds quickly, shape-shifting, and teleportation.

Another interesting aspect of the manga is its characters. Each has a unique look, ranging from angular to attractive and innocent to melancholy.

Cheshire’s true form has a large, jagged-looking yellow smile, circular, pupil-less eyes, and sharp-pointed ears. It is an ethereal form that looks like a cat’s head.

Uta no Prince-sama

Uta no Prince-sama is a Japanese multimedia franchise and is based on a video game and manga series. It follows the life of a young girl named Haruka Nanami, who dreams of becoming a composer and songwriter. She attends the Saotome Academy, a prestigious performing arts school.

The story begins when Haruka meets a mysterious figure. Soon after, she’s invited to attend the Saotome Academy. During her time at the academy, she meets six colorful boys. But she doesn’t know how to fit in.

After completing her studies, she joins the Shining Agency. The Shining Agency offers training to aspiring musicians who wish to become an idol. In order to qualify for training, she must choose a partner. To find her perfect match, she must attend a music school and date a few boys.


LOVELESS is an ongoing manga series published in Japan by Monthly Comic Zero Sum magazine. In its first four volumes, the manga has been adapted into a twelve-episode TV anime. It was originally aired from April 2005 to June 2005 in Japan. The anime version was then licensed to Media Blasters and released in the United States in 2006.

Loveless features a number of characters with cat ears. These people are either born with the feature or they shed it after sexual intercourse. Many of the characters are kemonomimi, or “adults” who have lost their virginity.

The main protagonist is a neko boy named Ritsuka Aoyagi. As a student at Shichisei Gakuen, he meets a mysterious man named Soubi. He claims to know what happened to Ritsuka’s late brother, Seimei. However, the two are not friends.