Cosplaying at Comic-Con is a great way to meet fellow fans and get a firsthand look at the latest and greatest in horror comics and graphic novels. Whether you choose to go as Slender Man, Ted the Caver, or Jeff the Killer, there’s sure to be something to tickle your fancy.

Jeff the Killer

The Jeff the Killer is a character from Creepypasta, an anthology of all things spooky and occult. He is the main protagonist of a series of tales which revolve around a teenage boy who turns into a serial killer. In order to protect himself from a plethora of bullies, the boy turns a bloodthirsty killer. This is the origin of the Jeff the Killer name and the character.

Obviously, the Jeff the Killer cosplay is a good choice for Halloween parties and costumed conventions. What makes the ol’ boy so ghoulish is his unique combination of evil and innocence. His eerie presence is only quelled by the arrival of the dreaded X-Men and other apex predators. Of course, Jeff the Killer is a tad less threatening once his nemesis is off the block.

While the Jeff the Killer costume is no doubt impressive, it is not without its flaws. For starters, a white hoodie emblazoned with a bloody handprint is not exactly the sexiest of attires. Even so, the requisites are rounded out with a pair of black combat boots and a long black wig.

A well thought out wig might be the best bet. It isn’t for nothing that Jeff the Killer has one of the highest murder to suicide ratios in the known universe. To add to the woes, his siblings have a hard time coping with him and are prone to bouts of PTSD. But if you ask the wrong person, you might get a few shady answers. So, forget a bloody nose, you better watch out!

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Of course, there’s more to the Jeff the Killer cosplay story than blood and violence. Among the many sexless victims are his parents and even his own brother, who is oblivious to the fact that his younger half is a psychopath.

Slender Man

The Slender Man is a mythical figure that appears to stalk and kill children. He is characterized as a tall and thin humanoid, wearing a black suit, and has no facial features. Although there are numerous accounts of his existence, it is unknown whether he is malevolent or benign.

Slender Man was created by Eric Knudsen, a forum user on the Something Awful website. Knudsen based the character on an image of a woodcut by Hans Holbein, which is currently at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. Among the images he submitted are two that are displayed here.

One of the images he submitted was an illustration of “Der Grossmann,” an ancient fairy of the Black Forest. This image is based on a 16th-century woodcut by Hans Holbein. The picture has spider-like legs and a bony spear for an arm. It was the inspiration for a character called “The Operator” in the Marble Hornets video series.

In early stories about the character, the character was described as a tall, unnaturally thin figure with no facial features. The character also appeared to have space-time warping abilities. Some stories suggest that he travels between dimensions to feed on humans. Others claim that he communicates with proxies, or human servants.

As a result of his appearance, the Slender Man has become an iconic figure. His image has been portrayed in a variety of art forms, including paintings, videos, and films. These portrayals vary greatly from story to story. Typically, he is seen as a misanthropic demon, a predator, and a monster who abducts and murders people.

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The creator of the Slender Man character

Eric Knudsen, has been given a personal blessing by a number of projects related to the character. In addition, there are several for-profit ventures associated with the character that acknowledge Knudsen’s contributions.

The character has also influenced numerous video games and feature films. For example, in The Shape of Water, Doug Jones portrayed a character called “Amphibian Man.” And, in the YouTube serial Always Watching: A Marble Hornets Story, a character named “The Operator” was based on Slender Man.

There are many other mythical creatures that have been connected to the Slender Man. For instance, the Slender Man is reportedly the inspiration for the Enderman character in Minecraft.

While the original accounts of the Slender Man’s existence largely used photographs and lower-tech video, the character has a number of connections to children. After all, he has been linked to a number of children who have been harmed. Most of these incidents are fictional, but the actual crime was real.

Another example of the Slender Man’s connection to children is a case in Wisconsin, where two 12-year-old girls claimed to have stabbed their friend 19 times to appease the character. However, the girls’ accounts were later deemed skewed.