If you are looking to do some cosplay, you might be wondering how to make armor for your character. Luckily, there are a few simple steps you can follow that will make your armor easy to assemble and comfortable to wear.

EVA foam

EVA foam is an inexpensive, strong material that you can use to make awesome cosplay armor. It’s not very difficult to work with, but it does take some practice to get it right. The material can be worked on by hand or with a heat source.

Once you have your EVA foam pattern, it’s time to cut out the pieces. Make sure you have a sharp razor and a dependable cutter. You’ll want to replace the blades often, so you won’t end up with ragged edges.

You may want to make some embellishments on your EVA foam pieces, such as an engraved design. This is best done with a Dremel tool. Use the tool to move it along the edges and seams, then polish and finish the surface.

If you want to add color to your armor, you can paint it with acrylic paint. Applying it in thin coats will give it a smoother, more realistic finish.

For a more detailed and intricate design, you can also emboss the foam with an embossing set. Some popular sets include Excel Blades, which has interchangeable burnisher tips.

Before you seal your foam armor, you’ll want to apply two to three layers of Plasti Dip. This will create a rubber coating over the foam and prevent it from cracking.

After sealing the EVA foam, you can paint it. Choose a color that will go well with your armor. Gray or silver will work best.

When you’re finished, you can put it on and try it on. Then, you can adjust it and seal it again. You’ll need to do this about eight times, so be prepared.

To finish your EVA foam costume pieces, you can use super glue or contact glue. Contact glue is a good adhesive, as it ensures a seamless bond. You can also add velcro strips. These can be used to attach masks and headbands.

EVA foam can be purchased at various places, including Home Depot, Walmart, and Harbor Freight. If you are unsure where to buy the material, check online. Many cosplay shops sell the foam as well.


Worbla is one of the most popular materials used by cosplayers. It is durable, lightweight, and it can be easily shaped into a variety of shapes. While Worbla is often used to create props, it can also be used to make armor.

To begin making your own armor, you will need to purchase the basic tools. For instance, you will need a heat gun and some foam. These can be purchased at craft stores or online.

You can also purchase starter kits and paints. Acrylic paints are often included in these kits. If you are planning on painting your own armor, you may want to invest in a clear coat spray. This spray locks in the paint and can be used to correct mistakes.

Another thing to consider is the size of the pieces you will need. You can buy Worbla in different sizes, so make sure to purchase the right size. Also, if you are going to be using a hot air gun, make sure to wear gloves.

You will need a lot of patience when working with Worbla. It can take a long time to complete a complex project. However, it is easy to get started.

It can be used for just about any kind of cosplay prop. For instance, you can use Worbla to create a boot or shoe detail. Or you can create elaborate headdresses and bracers.

It’s also important to understand that it takes practice to make a well-crafted piece of Worbla. Some Worbla projects will require you to heat each piece separately and then re-heat the entire piece. But with enough practice, you should be able to master this process.

One other thing to keep in mind is that Worbla is only malleable when heated. When it cools, it becomes solid and hard. Although this makes it a good material to work with, it can be dangerous when using a heat gun.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that Worbla can be combined with other materials to create more unique cosplay items. For example, you can place Worbla over EVA foam to create a light and slightly flexible carapace.


Many cosplayers will make armor for their costumes. This is a great way to add some detail to the costume. Adding fabric can add some realness to the armor and create a more comfortable costume.

Fabric is easy to work with and relatively light. It is a versatile material that can be used for a wide variety of purposes. You can use it for bags, headwear, and other accessories.

Some types of fabric are more expensive. For example, brocade is an expensive and intricately patterned fabric. Brocade can be used for most types of clothing. But if you want to make something more elegant, satin is a good choice.

EVA foam is a popular craft material for many different projects. You can use it for small costume pieces like a helmet or a glove. Alternatively, you can use it to make large costume pieces. In addition, EVA foam can be used for engraving.

Another popular option for fabric is Velcro. With Velcro, you can attach the armor to the fabric. Sewing is another option. However, be careful not to glue the armor directly to the fabric. This can burn the wearer.

The next step to making your own cosplay armor is to paint it. Painting can be done with acrylic paint. Be sure to use thin coats of paint for a smoother finish.

Another option is to add etchings to the armor. Etchings are used to add depth to the armor. Paint can be wiped off with a damp paper towel.

Lastly, you can use glitter to add a burst of color to the armor. To achieve a realistic weathered look, paint the armor in dark green.

Once you have all your pieces together, you can try the armor on. This is the most fun part of the construction process. After it cools, you can adjust the fit and size.

Choosing the right materials for your cosplay costume is important. By utilizing the right fabrics, you can create a great-looking costume that makes you feel powerful and confident.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, fabric for armor is an excellent option. As long as you take your time, you can design the perfect piece.

Plasti dip

When it comes to sealing cosplay armor, there are many options out there. One of the most common is using Plasti dip. Here are some tips to keep in mind when using this product.

First, make sure that you are working in a well-ventilated area. This will help to keep the odor down and allow materials to dry faster. You can also use a hot water spray can to ensure that your application is even.

Next, you will need to sketch out your armor pattern. A metal ruler is one of the most basic tools for this step. To draw the armor, you can either use a pen or a marker. For a better result, you can use tracing paper. Then, transfer the pattern to your mannequin with a pen or a marker.

Once you have the base pattern, you will need to cut out the pieces. If you are unsure, you can get a template by drawing on a piece of poster board.

Depending on the type of foam you are using, you may have to paint it. Most foams are compatible with paint. Some foams, like eva foam, are made with a soft material that makes them easy to work with. However, if you choose to work with foam that is a hard plastic, you will need to seal it.

Another option is to use a heat gun. Heat guns are great for removing wrinkles in foam. While it will not be able to completely eliminate them, it will help to smooth them out.

Finally, you will need a hot glue gun. Using a hot glue gun is also a good choice when adding wood props to your armor. It will also work on fabric.

If you are planning on using Plasti Dip for sealing your cosplay armor, be aware of its downsides. Especially if you are putting together a large project, it can be quite messy. Additionally, it can melt some styrofoams.

Finally, you will need to decide whether to seal your foam after painting. Depending on your budget and preferences, this may or may not be a good idea.