Whether you’re planning a costumed play or an art exhibition, there are plenty of roaring 20s costumes to choose from. You can find anything from a sultry flapper to a gangster’s saloon girl.

Roaring 20s Costumes

Saloon girl

During the 20s, the saloon girl was an icon of the Wild West. The saloon was a place to drink and gamble, but it was also a place for women to get dressed up. The girls were paid by the saloon owner for each dance they helped to perform. The women were not scantily dressed, but rather had to be tough and charming. They were also paid more than the men working at the saloon.

The saloon girl costume is perfect for a themed costume party or Halloween. Some of these costumes come with accessories, such as a slinky boa or a hat. You can also purchase a garter belt that matches the costume.

For those who want to keep things simple, there are costumes that include only the dress and a hat. Another option is the corset style costume. This type of dress has a lacy top, a bustle in the back, and a feathered headpiece. The corset style also includes fingerless gloves and a belt.

For those who want a more dramatic look, there are gangster costumes. Some of these costumes have long sleeves, high waisted shorts, and fedoras. You can also add creative accessories to your gangster costume. Some of these items may include a handbag with a violin case, a toy gun, and a midriff vest. You can even experiment with facial hair.

There are plenty of costumes for both men and women. You can even buy costumes for your pets. The roaring twenties are not only fun, but they can be quite glamorous. If you have any questions about costumes, Masters of Mystery will be happy to help. These costumes are also great for parties and parades.


Whether you’re going to a Roaring ’20s themed party or just want to get into the spirit of the times, you should consider dressing up in a flapper costume. It’s a fun way to dress up, and it’s perfect for exposing your skin and showing off some old Hollywood glamour.

During the 1920s, women started wearing short skirts and short hair. This was a symbol of sexual revolution. It was also a big step away from the corsets and dresses of the Victorian era.

The flapper costume combines a number of glitzy features, from a dazzling headpiece to a skirt that reveals your tummy. In addition, the flapper costume is adorned with a few flashy accessories, including feathers and rhinestones. It also includes a matching purse.

The flapper dress was not an immediate trend, but it gained a lot of traction in the 1920s. Usually, a sexy flapper dress has a higher hemline and a tighter fit. The dress

is generally light, so it’s easy to move around.

Another ‘favorite’ of the roaring ’20s is the gangster costume. These costumes were popular during the decade, especially during the prohibition era, when legal saloons were closed and organized crime abound.

The most important part of the flapper costume is the headpiece. The flapper costume’s fez-style headpiece is made of a white feather tuft. The hat can be tilted to one side, or worn sexily upright. The wig is also a good accessory, and can be paired with fishnet tights and a boa.

The flapper costume is the sexiest of all, but if you’re not looking to spend a fortune on a flapper costume, there are still a few options for a cheap flapper dress. The cheapest options come in the form of sequin dresses, which are a lot cheaper than other styles.


Whether you are looking for a costume to wear for a themed party or just want to dress up in style, gangster costumes are an excellent choice. They have been around for a while but are still popular today.

The Roaring Twenties was a decade of jazz music, prohibition, and economic prosperity. During this time period, speakeasies and gangsters were the place to be. Many women lived in the company of these infamous men.

The gangster costumes of the 1920s were elegant and stylish. These were made from the finest materials and were well tailored. Typical garments included a suit jacket, pants, suspenders, and a tie. A fedora hat was a common accessory worn by the gangsters of the era.

The most famous gangster of all time was Al Capone. Known as Scar-Face, he controlled the greater Chicago area. He died of complications of untreated syphilis.

Gangsters also had a colorful style of dressing. They wore a large brim hat with a band of feathers or dried flowers. A striped tie was also a common accessory.

Other accessories included feather headbands and pearl necklaces. A gold watch was also often worn on a vest. The riotous ’20s paved the way for modern flappers, who took to the jazz music and sexuality of the era.

Gangster costumes for the roaring 20s are an excellent choice for any Halloween celebration. They can turn your party into an underground speakeasy. They also don’t require a lot of effort. You can find a variety of costumes, from a tommy gun to a classy fedora hat.

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Historically, the roaring 20s is a decade in which huge changes in popular culture took place. The 19th Amendment, which granted white women the right to vote,

marked the start of the decade. It also introduced the first global war for American soldiers. More than 100,000 Americans died. It was also the decade that saw young Americans ready to leave the past behind and embrace change in practically every aspect of their lives.

The suffrage movement used many symbols to communicate its message. One of them was the “Bloomer Costume,” a fashion reform popularized by Amelia Bloomer, a women’s rights advocate. It consisted of a short skirt and loose fitting trousers, which gave the wearer freedom to move without being constrained.

The color white was also associated with the suffrage movement. It represented purity and virtue, and was often worn by young girls.

In addition to the color white, other colors were used by the suffrage movement. Purple was the symbol of loyalty, and gold represented Susan B. Anthony, a leader of the movement.

While early feminists were critical of the flapper fashion of the 1920s, they did not buy into the idea that shorter skirts were the key to suffrage. Instead, they believed that women’s public clothing should be more like women’s private clothing. This would allow for greater vigor, freedom of movement, and better health.

Some of the more outlandish suffragettes in the Roaring 20s wore costumes to demonstrate their beliefs. The costume shown here is an example of this. The dress has a mid-length pencil skirt, a beret, and a toy gun. It is a fairly simple, but effective, demonstration of a suffragette’s beliefs.

While the 1920s were a momentous decade for the American suffrage movement, real liberation for women remained elusive.

Amelia Earhart

Whether you are planning a 1920s party or a school play, you can be the pilot of your dreams with an Amelia Earhart costume. This tomboy from the Midwest developed a passion for aviation at a young age and became a pioneering figure in the field. Known for her pioneering spirit and advocacy for women’s rights in aviation, Amelia Earhart left behind a legacy of innovation and courage.

When she was a teenager, Amelia Earhart traveled with her mother to Boston and Canada. While there, she found employment as a social worker at Denison House. While she was there, she changed her mind about attending Smith College. She decided to attend Columbia University instead. However, when she enrolled there, she realized she was financially in trouble.

When she was 19 years old, Amelia Earhart took her first plane flight. She flew two to three hundred feet above the ground, but she did not like wearing goggles. She did, however, enjoy drinking hot chocolate during the flight.

Amelia Earhart eventually set several speed records for women. She also became the sixteenth woman to receive a pilot’s license. Her first solo transatlantic flight was in 1932.

Amelia Earhart was also the first person to fly alone across the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Her achievements made her one of the most famous female aviators of all

time. She was a member of the National Woman’s Party and was a strong advocate for women’s equality. She also volunteered as a nurse’s aid for the Red Cross. She was instrumental in the founding of the Ninety-Nines.

Amelia Earhart also worked as an associate editor at Cosmopolitan magazine. She later enrolled at Columbia University to study medicine. She was also a career counselor for female students.