Cosplay is crazy fun and more and more people are getting interested in it. From timid beginners who are just getting a taste of the wonderful world of cosplay to the absolute cosplay freaks who spend a lot of time and money on the fun, there’s pretty much everything in between.


Truly fanatical devotees put on near-professional costumes and spend weeks and months creating them. Others don’t have the time or the nerve and prefer to purchase a ready-made costume. Of course you can also find them here in our online shop.

But of course also the finished costume can be upgraded and spiced up by matching accessories.

That’s why we have put together a lot of accessories for you here in the shop. And, of course, a lot of material to do your own crafts and design the costume.

Cosplay Accessories – Beards and Wigs

Needless to say, there are many cosplay characters who stand or fall with the perfect hairdo. So we have long hair wigs for all the female figures and of course the male ones that require it. The same goes for matching beards and also bushy eyebrows.

The wigs, for example, are an important feature of anime characters – nothing works without a wig. A cosplay wig is easy to put on and style. If you are now wondering if there is a difference between cosplay wigs and carnival wigs, the answer is of course “yes”. Because a cosplay wig is of much better quality and should really look deceptively real, while carnival wigs are immediately recognizable as such. The material is cheap and of course you can see this on the wig. After all, the wig for the carnival is more of a gag that you will wear once to the Rose Monday parade and then maybe at the carnival party.

The best cosplay wigs are often even handmade and are accordingly more sophisticated and also more expensive.

Here you will find for example short wigs from the series Death Note, Final Fantasy or Naruto! But also in terms of wigs for Son Goku Super Saiyajin from Dragon Ball or the character Sakata Gintoki from the series Gin Tama you will find. As far as long hair wigs go, Sailor Moon is of course right up there – whether it’s a blonde Sailor Moon wig or a turquoise Sailor Neptune wig!

Buy cosplay ears, masks and contact lenses online

Besides a huge selection of cosplay wigs, we of course also have crazy ears for anime characters, Lord of the Rings, Star Trek and many cosplay motifs more in our assortment.

Animal ears, elf ears or Spock ears – we have it all!

Some cosplay costumes also absolutely need a mask, which we of course also have in our assortment.

Colored contact lenses for different shapes are also particularly popular.

Wings, jewellery, shoes and co. – we also have these cosplay accessories in stock

And then, of course, there are all sorts of wings, which are also a staple of many cosplay costumes. Whether delicate butterfly, elf or fairy wings, feathery angel wings or devilish wings for Satan, with us there is simply everything. Here, too, a clear distinction must be made between cheaper carnival designs and elaborately crafted cosplay accessories, which are attached in such a way that the wings really do look deceptively real.

In terms of jewelry, there are also very real looking pieces to complete the professional cosplay outfit for the next Comicon.

Bracelets, necklaces, brooches and finger rings from the various movies and TV series are up for grabs, as are wands, goblet gloves and of course plenty of options of shoes and boots for whatever role you’d like to slip into.

And then, of course, there’s a huge selection of weapons of all kinds, from elaborate tech weapons from Sci-Fi, to classic pistols, swords, epees, crossbows, etc.. Plus, of course, matching shields, helmets, and other accessories.

Cosplay Make-Up

High demands are also made on the make-up for cosplayers. The colors have to cover perfectly and not be easy to wipe off – because a real cosplayer usually conjures up a professional make-up, which is not inferior to any make-up artist – and of course it should last a long time and not smudge quickly in the crowd. Of course, it also has to survive sweating and a rain shower unscathed!

Special products – how about the great Worbla?

Real cosplayers know the great Worbla, of course. With this thermoplastic material you can create numerous accessories for your cosplay. Worbla is the ultimate creative material. It is activated by heat and is of course completely free of harmful substances.

As alluded to earlier, many cosplayers like to make their own awesome costume. For this purpose we offer different materials – among others the versatile Worbla in different colours.

The thermoplastic sheets are activated by heat – e.g. by a hot air gun or in the oven – and can then be formed as desired. Subsequent cooling makes them hard and dimensionally stable again.

You see, in our shop you will find everything your cosplay heart desires. No matter if you want to personalize and perfect a finished costume with great accessories, or if you want to design and make the costume yourself and then equip it with the appropriate accessories – everyone will find what they are looking for here and no one will be left without a cosplay costume!