Kawaii culture from Japan has been popular in one form or another for some time now. Maybe she struck a nerve somehow. In a hectic and stressful time, with riots, disasters, wars, problems everywhere you look, Japanese kawaii culture tries to preserve a bit of the cute and carefree innocence of childhood.

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Kawaii culture is seen on television, in merchandise like Hello Kitty and other cartoon characters with googly eyes, and of course in cosplay personalities.

Kawaii literally means “cute”, “adorable”, “sweet”. However, the word originally comes from the term “kao hayushi,” which was used in the past to describe the blushing of a face.

To better understand Kawaii culture, however, you also need to know that the Japanese are far more open about certain issues than, say, the US. Sexuality, closeness and the emphasis on physical stimuli are not taboo subjects here at all – not even when the content is aimed at children. This is often a bit dodgy and alienating for us in the West. Because Kawaii involves a lot of Lolita style clothing, for example.

The Dragon Ball example is also interesting. In Japan, the boy Son Goku’s privates were easily printed, while in the US version a fig leaf was strategically placed.

Kawaii – Innocence for everyday life

By the way, in Japan you can find Kawaii culture practically everywhere. Virtually every company, government agency, even police stations and ministries have Kawaii style mascots.

No matter how dry and bureaucratic Japan’s politics and crime fighting may be, the whole thing is sweetened by cute mascots and infantile symbols.

Kawaii Merch

Due to the increasing spread of Asian popular culture in the West, there is also a huge range of Kawaii merch in this country. Especially popular are of course merch products for bands like BTS, Manga Comics and similar things. Here you can find clothes like hoodies, t-shirts, sweaters, sweat pants, baseball caps and much more, as well as mugs, posters, cutlery, knick-knacks for the shelf and much more.

Kawaii Cosplay

And of course, kawaii cosplay is a real trend. If you want to keep it simple, you can find plenty of ready-made kawaii cosplay costumes online. Popular are schoolgirl looks, comic book characters from anime and manga, maid costumes and similar outfits. The important thing is always that it is cute and sweet. Interestingly, the character, figure or personality can also be something creepy like a vampire, a zombie or something per se not at all cute like a warrior, soldier, robot or whatever, all that and more is simply depicted with cute elements. This practically always includes big googly eyes with long eyelashes, cute hairstyles or wigs, very often in the case of female figures pastel shades, ruffles and other decorations. And the male counterparts are still kind of cute too.

In addition to the ready-made costumes, you will of course also find lots of individual elements, accessories, wigs and items with which you can put together your own costume. It is important here to put on appropriate make-up value – so lushly made up googly eyes with artificial overlong eyelashes, mostly pale complexion, lush hair, often with ponytail or high braids – just everything that is so beautiful girlie. This often includes high knee socks and doll-like shoes.

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