Anime is the term for animated films produced in Japan. In Japan itself, anime stands for all kinds of animated films and series, whether produced domestically or abroad. Anime is the equivalent of the Japanese comic Manga.

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Anime covers a very wide range of topics and is popular with all ages. The stories of anime are often quite complex in nature and much more layered than traditional cartoons. This typically includes character development and death also plays a significant role. This can also affect the important characters that the viewer has grown to love.

With heroic characters, things like motivation, loyalty, and assertiveness are often more important than always coming out victorious. Antiheroes appear more often and also have a real backstory. In many cases, historical ideals such as the ninja or samurai (Bushido) are also reflected in many anime. A character switching sides can also occur, regularly breaking and challenging stereotypes.

Women more often have more important roles and are strong, equal heroines. However, they are still usually portrayed very attractively. Issues of sexuality and gender are often treated informally in anime. It is also noticeable that there are many androgynous characters and the division between male and female is not very sharp.

Popular Anime Cosplays

Anime characters are the classic cosplay inspirations and still insanely popular with cosplayers, but also for other occasions like Halloween or Mardi Gras. Among the most popular anime series for cosplay are:

  • Assassination Classroom
    Assassination Classroom is originally a manga, which then served as the basis for the anime series. The earth is threatened by a tentacle monster, which has already destroyed about 70% of the moon with its powers. The octopus-like monster now announces to humans that he will also destroy Earth within a year unless they develop the ability to kill him first. As Korosensei, the monster then ends up working in Japan as a teacher of students in Class 9E at Kunugigaoka School. Class 9E is considered the worst in the entire school. Korosenei then teaches the group not only in the traditional school subjects, but also educates them all the skills they need to be assassins. The main point here is to recognize one’s own weaknesses in order to be able to use them against him. The Japanese government has offered a reward of 30 billion yen for the killing of Korosensei, which also attracts other professional killers.
  • Attack on Titan
    Attack on Titan is an anime, manga, and light novel series that also has novels. The main series is told in the Attack on Titan manga of the same name, which was used as a template for the anime. The plot of Attack on Titan is about young Eren Hunter and his adopted sister Mikasa Ackermann. Both live together with the rest of the remaining humanity in cities, which are surrounded by walls. These were to ward off the attacks of the Titans living outside the walls. The Titans are giant human-like creatures that devour people for seemingly no reason at all. One day, the Titans break through the first wall, pushing the humans back further. Numerous people are killed in this attack, with Eren and Mikasa managing to save themselves at the last second.
  • Black Butler
    Black Butler is an anime and manga. Both revolve around the lives of 12-year-old British boy Ciel Phantomhive and his butler Sebastian Michaelis in the 19th century, Victorian era. Ciel had lost his parents in a fire set in his childhood. He was abducted by a cult and abused for a month for occult ceremonies. Ciel’s hatred for his tormentors was then so great that he summoned a demon. The latter then concluded a contract with him. From now on, he is to serve as butler to Ciel under the name Sebastian Michaelis, must never lie to him, and must serve as both sword and shield and obey all orders. In turn, Sebastian then gets Ciel’s soul at the end. The contract is considered fulfilled once Ciel has humiliated his enemies and taken revenge.
  • Dragon Ball
    The manga and anime Dragon Ball describes the adventures of the protagonist Son-Goku and his friends. They go in search of the seven Dragon Balls and experience lots of adventures along the way. The story begins with Son-Goku’s childhood from the age of twelve and his time as a teenager (volumes 1 to 16) and ends with his life as an adult (volumes 17 to 42). The saga is indivisible into different storylines, which become more complex as the plot progresses. Always about the battle between good and evil, Son Goku must fight demons, dangerous warriors, power-hungry aliens, and face both enemies and friends from the future who invade the present.
  • Kakegurui
    Kakegurui – Life is a Game is an anime set in a private school. She is visited by children from wealthy homes who gamble to the hilt, even risking the family fortune. This even goes as far as having to serve as a house slave for the winner or winner at the end to pay off the game debt. The hierarchy created by games and money is then really shaken up when one day Yumeko Jabami is enrolled as a new student. This one is incredibly knowledgeable about game theory and also has the ability to see through her opponents.
  • My Hero Academia
    My Hero Academia is an anime adaptation of the manga of the same name. In the world of My Hero Academia, 80% of humanity manages to develop superpowers. Unfortunately, protagonist Izuku Midoriya isn’t one of them, although his stated dream is to one day become a professional hero as well. Luckily, he manages to impress the greatest superhero in history, All Might. From now on he trains Midoriya to make his dream come true.
  • Naruto
    Naruto is a manga penned by Masashi Kishimoto that has also been adapted into an anime. Naruto has had a nine-tailed fox monster sealed inside him since childhood, which is why he is ostracized by the residents in his home village of Konoha. In his desire for recognition, he makes it his goal to become Hokage, i.e. leader and strongest Ninja, in the village.
  • Sailor Moon
    Sailor Moon is an anime and manga. Schoolgirl Usagi Tsukino possesses magical powers and fights as Sailor Moon together with her friends, the Sailor Warriors, against the Kingdom of Darkness. They fight for love and justice. Usagi Tsukino is quite clumsy and inconspicuous at first, until one day she meets the talking cat Luna, who reveals to the girl that she will henceforth fight as a warrior for love and justice. To do this, she must first go in search of the Moon Princess, as there is a mysterious force that threatens the Earth and the Moon. She gradually meets Sailor warriors Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus, who assist her with friendship. It then turns out that Sailor Moon herself is the Moon Princess.
  • Sword Art Online
    Sword Art Online is set in the year 2022. All the gamers in the world are keen on the new virtual reality game Sword Art Online (SAO). In this game, players are equipped with a special helmet, the NerveGear. With its help, players are immersed in a virtual reality of the medieval town of Aincrad and experience all the adventures of the game as if they were living in this reality themselves. Soon, however, harmless play turns bitterly serious – namely when the players realize that they can no longer escape the game. Only those who make it to the end of the game will find their way back home. Whoever dies in virtual reality – i.e. in the game – also does so in real life. Among the tens of thousands of players captured is student Kazuto Kirigaya. He had already participated in the beta version of the game before and therefore knows Aincrad very well. Under the synonym Kirito he now tries to escape the game and experiences numerous adventures and dangerous situations.
  • Tokyo Ghoul
    This anime is about man-eating ghouls. It all starts when Ken, a nondescript guy falls for the beauty of Liz. However, this one is actually not a human, but a man-eating ghoula. She attacks him and he survives only badly injured. Then in the hospital he gets some of Liz’s organs transplanted and becomes a one-eyed half-ghoul. He doesn’t even know this himself at first and only notices that he is disgusted by his favourite food and avoids his best friend. When he catches a tantalizing scent and runs after it, he comes across a dead body. Little by little, Ken realizes the horrible truth and he also realizes that the city is full of man-eaters like him.

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